September News letter

From The Director’s Desk

                First allow me to say to those churches who did not patriciate in “The One Great Sunday”, an on line training resource for Sunday School Leadership training, on August 13 at Chatom Baptist church, we missed you. But do not worry this training is available at This video training is available  24/7 so your Sunday School leaders can use it at their own convenience. There is preschool, children, young adults, adults and senior adults as well as small groups . So please feel free to use this training and it will be available until June of 2018.

We are really getting into the time of year when the calendar’s fill up fast with the meetings and events that are important to you as a members of your churches and for the association.

  One of the first thing that is on the September calendar is the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering, Week of Pray September 10-17.

The State goal is $1,ooo,ooo dollars. These gifts go to support Alabama WMU, Disaster Relief, Church Planting, Alabama Partnership Missions and Church Revitalization.  The offering emphasis is in September but your gifts can be given any time throughout the year. So pray and allow the Lord to lead you in giving to the Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering.

  On Saturday September 16th, Chatom Baptist Church is inviting you to a Beth Moore Simulcast, "Captivated The Wonder of Christ On The Winding Road.” This starts at 8:00am and the tickets are on sale now at $15 . Please call the Chatom Baptist Church office at 847-2493 to reserve your tickets.

  Looking ahead to October will be our annual meeting for the association. The annual meeting will be at Wagarville Baptist Church on Monday October 16th. The meeting begins at 3:30 pm until 5:30 pm for the business end of our meeting. Then we will break from 5:30-6:30 with food and fellowship. The worship service begins at 6:30 with Bro. Rick Revette bringing the message and Bro. Frank Jones will provide the music for our meeting. So mark your calendars now for Monday October 16th at Wagarville Baptist Church!

   Also in October is Minister Appreciation Month. This is a specific time for you to affirm and encourage your pastor and others that are on your church staff. Someone once said, "A pat on the back is just a few vertebrae's removed from a kick in the pants but it is miles ahead in the results!” Proverbs 15:30-” Bright eyes cheer the heart: good news strengthens the bones.” So be an encourager not only in October but all through the year.

  Also the month of October is the Alabama Hunger Offering for Global Hunger Relief, bread for life. Two weeks ago the State Board of Missions told us that this hunger fund for the state of Alabama is very low. They told us that The North America Mission Board no longer gives the state any funds, so it is getting harder for us to receive any help from the State Board of Missions.  The funds the State Board receives is from the Southern Baptist churches in the state of Alabama. We have used this food fund only when our funds get low.

  We are now asking for your help here in the Washington Baptist Association food ministry. We are giving out a little over 300 bags of food a month and that has increase some over these past few months. Each month we spend anywhere from $1,200-$1,400 dollars on food. We get most of our food from the food bank in Mobile. We also have some individuals and churches who give either through money contributions or they have food drives and bring the food into us, which is a big help and very much appreciate. The Advisory and Executive committees  are aware of this need and along with Ms. Mildred, our clerk/treasure and myself are asking you to pray about this food ministry and see how the Lord would lead you in helping us meet these needs. The Food ministry is a part of all our 32 churches and without your assistance we could not go on and meet the needs of those who come here for help.  If you need more information about how you can help please call the office. So in advance we thank you for your prayers and for the help that will come and  help us meet the ministries needs.

  Also on October 15th-19th is the ‘Fire In The Field” Tent Crusade being held in Butler Alabama. I have come along side of Bro. Terry Long, DOM of the Choctaw Association to help in some of the planning and prayer support of this Crusade. The Evangelist will be Frank Shelton of Maryland and Shannon Knight of Tuscaloosa, will lead in the music. The Fire In The Field Crusade will start at 7:00pm every night , so be in prayer for not only the churches in both of our counties to be revived, but also for many of the lost to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and start a revival that will sweep across our nation and turn our hearts toward Almighty God!!

  The Caring Hearts Center needs some more volunteers to come and help them sort out and price the clothes and other things that come into the center to resale. If you can give one hour a week, one day a week or one day a month that would be a big help at the Caring Hearts Center.

   Let me again say thank you for all you do in your own communities across Washington County. I learn a long time ago that it takes a lot of the Lord’s servants to get His work done. I know that each one of the 32 churches are busy meeting what ever needs that come up in their circle of influence. So again thank you and keep up the good work.







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