October Newsletter

From The Director’s Desk

     It is hard to believe that we are in October and we ask ourselves where has this year gone. It is also one of the busy times of the year here at the office as we plan for the annual meeting and the other year end activities that needs to be done for the Association and as we look ahead to the new year. Mildred and I covet your prayers as we work to help meet the needs of the association and keep you all inform as best we can.

  One thing we will have to do soon, is to change the website. We have been using a provider through Lifeway but this provider has been sold and Lifeway has informed me that the new provider is not up to Lifeway’s standards and they have no control other it. So Hopefully, by the end of this year, I will have the new website up and working ,when that happens we will send out letters to all the churches with the proper information.

   Also in the this new year, I would like to have all of the Pastor's e-mail addresses along with the churches e-mail addresses if you have one, so we can use this technology to send you the information that you need much faster and less expensive them a stamp and envelope. I have some of the Pastor’s and Churches e-mail address but not all, so if you would send or call them to the office. Your e-mail addresses will stay here at the office and only be used to send you the information that you need.


   I have been asked about helping are neighbors to the North that was in the path of hurricane Florence. The best way to help at this time is to send money to the Alabama State Board of Missions. 1404 Fairview Avenue, Po Box 681970, Prattville, Al. 36066. You need to earmark the check to Disaster Relief/ Florence and 100% of these funds will go to help in this disaster.

  Disaster relief teams are being deployed now and will be there working in these areas for as long as are needed. So be in prayer for all those being effected by hurricane Florence and for all the disaster relief teams that will be there helping out, sharing the hope of Jesus to those they come in contact.

  We will be on the eve of our Annual Meeting on Monday October 15th by  the time this newsletter is published. We are in the process of making the annual meeting a more worshipful time where we come and praise the Lord for all that He has done through you this past year.

  One thing this year is an Associational Choir. The choir will be lead by Bro. Bailey Hill, worship leader at Chatom Baptist Church and Ms. Susan Beech, worship leader at Springhill Baptist Church. All choirs and/ or individuals who would like to sing are invited to be a part of this choir. Please call Chatom Baptist at 847-2493 and ask for Bailey. Hope to see and hear all of you as you lift your voices up to the praise and glory of Jesus Christ!   

    Another thing we are trying this year at the Annual Meeting is a Ministry fair. This is were we ask each of the churches to put on a 16x24 in. display board the past year highlight's of how the Lord has worked through you. These will be displayed around the fellowship hall where all can see how the Lord has worked through you and where we all can encourage one another. I have these display boards at the office,so come and get yours and get started.

  I would like to take this time to thank all the volunteers that work at The Caring Hearts Center and for those would work to hand out food on Tuesday's and Thursday’s, along with those who help unload and put up the food on food deliver day. Without your help we could not do or meet the ministry needs that we do here in Washington County. Again thanks and prayers to all of our volunteers. Also if anyone would like to help in any of these ministries just call the office and we will put you to work .

  October is Minister Appreciation Month and I would like to thank all the pastor’s and worship leaders, Sunday school teachers, VBS Director’s and  any others who help to share the Gospel that helps to transform life's to make our homes and community better here in Washington County and beyond. Thanks again for all you do for the Glory of God and our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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