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  As we get into these next few months (May, June, July) I get teary eyed, excited and all the other emotions that come  together as I reflect on all the special days in these months that our part of our heritage and traditions. I just want to reflect on the month of May, for now, and all the emotional up’s and down’s that are before us as we get ready to turn the calendar page to May. 

First, there is High School Graduation. I have already received some invitation's to some of the students here in our schools. I just get overwhelm because it was just yesterday they were borne. I remember the emotions of the young moms and dads as they would come into the church and announce that they were with child. How happy we all were for them and how we all embraced  them and encourage them. Then not long after that the newborn baby boy and girl was being carried into the church for all to see. Again, we were all filled with joy for them. Then not long after there birth, school started and all that goes along with school, passing from grade to grade, we all walked with them and grew to love them and now, they are Seniors in High School and ready to graduate in May.

  To all the Seniors that will be graduating this year let me say thank you for a job will done.  The Bible tells us that Jesus has a plan for you; it is plans that will keep you on the right path, you just need to trust Jesus and walked in obedience to His Holy Word for your life's.   

  After graduation comes Mother’s Day and I know this day is filled with all kinds of emotion's. As you read the Scriptures one really gets the truth about the role of Motherhood in the life of there children,  family, and community. I do not know who said it, but the quote goes something like this, “If one wants to change Washington, DC, we need to get rid of everyone that is there now and send our mothers to Washington, DC.”

   Dr. James Dobson and Gary Bauer wrote this about Mother several years ago.” Countless times each day a mother does what no one else can do quite as well. She wipes away tears, whisper a word of hope, eases a child’s fear. She teaches, ministers, loves, and nurtures the next generation of citizens. And she challenges and cajoles her kids to do their best and be the best. But no editorials praises these accomplishments, where is the coverage our mothers rightly deserve?”

   So on Sunday, May 13, let me say “Happy Mother's Day to all”.

   Then on the heals of Graduation and Mother’s Day, comes, Memorial Day. The day we have set aside to honor all those brave men and women who have fought the good fight to get us were we are today.

  These three special days in the month of May stir all my emotions as we challenge our     graduating class of 2018 to remember all the sacrifice's that your families have made and are still making for your future.  Let us not forget Memorial day where we honor all those who have made our lives better for the sacrifices that they have made. But let us not forget to thank God for giving us these children, mothers, men and women who have graced our lives and made life better for us all.

   Please mark this date on your calendar, Tuesday ,May 22  here at the Association Office, Dr. Terry Long will be here to share “The Gospel Conversation.” The meeting will start at 7:00pm.

   We live in a very different world today were most of the millennials are now the largest living generation living in the United States and most of that generation are lost. Resources also tell us that their children, ‘Gen Z” identifies as atheist is doubled that of the U.S. adult population. This is the first “post-Christian” generation in U.S. history.

   Jesus’ tells us on several occasions to go and tell others about Him. The early church listed and turned their world upside down. Now, it is time for us to get rid of all the fears we have about witnessing and tell others so we can turn our world upside down!! So please mark your calendars, Tuesday, May 22, 7pm here at the office for
“The Gospel Conversation!!”





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