May Newsletter

From The Director’s Desk

 These past couple of weeks has been exciting for me as I have had the pleasure to watch these young boys and girls in Bible Drills. The Association Bible Drill was held at Chatom Baptist Church and these young boys and girls will just thrill one’s heart as the find the books of the Bible, key passages of the Bible, and quote scripture.

 After this, some of these boys and girls went to Springhill Baptist Church in Mobile to compete in the District Bible drills. Several other churches in our district bring there boys and girls, they compete together and some will go on to compete in the state competition. Again seeing these young minds just turning the pages of Scriptures and quoting the verse will not only excite you, but also challenge ones own heart to do the same.

   Please allow me to encourage all of our churches, no matter how many children you may have to get involve in Bible Drills. It is a great way for these young hearts and minds to hide God’s Holy Word in there hearts that they will not sin against Him.

 One of the things that we often hear about from Christians is how other churches worship God and His Son Jesus. One of the great privilege that I have as an Associational Missionary is to go  and visit the churches in our association and worship with them. One of the great equalizer for us as Christian's is to thank God for our differences because it is in these differences that the Holy Spirit works to draw people to Jesus Christ. This really came to mind one Sunday morning this month, as I worshipped with one of our churches whose style  of worship was probably quit differ from some of our churches in the association. That Sunday night I went and worship with another church  who was totally opposite from the first church I visited. But the amazing thing was that God moved, in all these different styles of worship, not only in my heart but the hearts of the others as we worship the very same God who sent His son Jesus to this earth to die for our sins. It is a great reminder how God uses all of our differences to draw people to Jesus  and one day we will all be together with Him forever in Heaven!!

 The food ministry here at the office is an extension of all our churches as we reach out to those in need here in Washington County. This is your hands and feet as we monthly give out over 300 bags of food. We need your help! The food funds are very low here at the office and even in the Alabama State Convention. It takes about $1200 per month to purchase the food from the Food bank in Mobile, to fill these 300 bags of food. I am asking for your help here at the office so we can continue this out reach ministry to those in our county. That is $4 per bag of food. If everyone in our churches would give $4 per month to the food ministry here at the office it would meet the needs to continue this outreach which is  your extended hand of God to those in need here in Washington County. I pray that God would lead you to give with a cheerful heart.

  Also there is a need at the Caring Hearts Center for some help. We have been for many years and still are, on a continuous basis to be overwhelm, with all that comes in to the center. We need those who can sort clothes and run the cash register. This can be on you time table we just need some more help at the Caring Hearts Center. You can call the office and we can get you on the volunteer list for the day or days that you can . This too is your ministry and all the funds, after the bills are paid go back into Social ministry.














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