January Newsletter

From The Director’s Desk

     I pray that you all have had a good Christmas and as we start this New Year that we all will be drawn closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  I have always been amazed at the generosity through the churches and individuals  here in the Washington Baptist Association. This year over 1000 shoe boxes were packed and sent , 270 backpacks were delivered, and over 40 individual families were helped this Christmas. This is just what I know about but I know a lot more was done beside what you gave through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  I just what to say thanks to all of you for your generosity to help those in need, not only here but all around the world.

  This year on December 14-19th, 25 of us had the privilege to go to Gallaway, Tenn. We met , Pastor  Ron and Karen Grunewald  of First Baptist Church, Gallaway, Tennessee and delivered, along with handing out 167 backpacks and other supplies to the children and people  that they minister to in this poor area of Tennessee.

  The Gallaway Christian Academy School has around fifty students from K thru 12th grade, these not only learn their  regular school studies, but they also are taught the Bible as part of their daily school activities.

  The school is run by Karen, Becky, Christine, Lisa. Becky has been their 15 years and Christine and Lisa has been their 13 years. These girls came on a mission trip to Gallaway, felt and answered the call of the Lord to stay and be a part of these great ministries.

  Everything that is done here is provided by faith from other believers who believe in this ministry

  First Baptist Church of Gallaway also has a Mom’s ministry every Thursday evening after school where about 40 mothers and grandmothers of all ages come and fellowship. It is in this fellowship that they grow in the Lord because of what is being taught and the seeing, hearing and feeling the presence of the Lord. Ron and Karen along with other volunteers have  made them feel wanted  and valuable in their community.


   These Mom’s may not all come on Sunday morning to Worship, by they all say this is their church and they really do worship Christ on those Thursday's evenings.

Again everything that is done for the Mom’s ministry is provided by faith from those who believe in these ladies.

  We had the privilege of helping Bro. Ron and Karen and the girls with some other things that needed to be done around the church. All and all it was a very good time getting to know them and their ministry.

 Probably the one thing that really touch my heart and made this trip exciting was a little 7 or 8 year old girl. This little girl when she was given her backpack went outside to the picnic tables and stood on top of the table and open her backpack. When she did, right on top was a new regular size Bible. She just starts to jump and shout,” I gone me a big girl's Bible, I got me a big girl’s Bible.” She did this over and over again and never look to see what else was in her backpack.        

 Next year we will have another opportunity to hand deliver backpacks. I pray more of you can join us in this great ministry!


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