August Newsletter

From The Director’s Desk

                One of the great privileges as your Association Missionary is to travel around to the churches in Washington County seeing and hearing what the Lord is doing in each one of the churches. I will agree it is hard to get to a different church every week no matter how hard I try, but it is something that is very uplifting to me. One  thing that I have learned is that God is doing some great work in the churches. I have seen things change in the churches that people said never would happen just a few years ago. But the Holy Spirit of God got into the hearts of these members and have brought some very good and exciting changes.

  Churches have seen there Sunday School grow, which is very important because as the Sunday School grows, so does the church. Some of our churches have seen the worship service change because of the new believers joining the church and becoming active.

 This has been a very active year for Vacation Bible School. Some of our churches had VBS after some years of not having VBS. The VBS that I have visited had a great number of younger children, both from the church family and from those who attend no church service at all. I have heard of a great number of decision's made for Jesus Christ and that is always exciting and it makes VBS the number one tool that God has given us to reach boys, girls and adults for salvation and then to become active members of a local church.

 Just a reminder for you to please turn in your VBS reports to the office and if you need any of the forms, just call then we will get them to you. Also please use your VBS records to follow up on all who attended. This is a great tool to reach out to your community.

 So I would just like to thank all the teaches, helpers and any other volunteer that have worked in VBS this year to make it a very successful and to be in prayer now about next year’s Vacation Bible School.

  It is also hard to believe that the new school year is here. So I would like for all the churches to be in prayer about the new school year. I really believe that the church must care for our communities in which we live, especially for the children and teenagers. This is a great mission field for us and we can make an enormous difference if we get involved.

  “One Great Sunday”–  Sunday August 13th.  “One Great Sunday” is an online resource for Sunday School leadership training which will give our churches, Sunday School leaders and teachers the opportunity to hear and learn from seven respected Sunday School experts from across the Southeast in this concentrated time. The afternoon will feature these leaders from seven areas, Preschool, Children, Youth, Young Adults, Adults, Senior Adults. So please come and take advantage of this great opportunity that is given to us by The Alabama State Board of Missions, and Daniel Edmonds from the office of Sunday School and Discipleship.  In the book by Allan Taylor, “Sunday School Matters,” he gives twelve matters that should matter to your church.  One of them is “ Leadership  Matters. Allan says that leadership is the most important factor in Sunday School! Nothing matters beyond the point where the leader takes it. If Sunday School is to matter in your church, then it must matter to those who lead it. He goes on to make this statement, "Your leadership is perfectly designed to produce the results you are getting!”  When you design your leadership, you design your ministry. Your leadership is the blueprint of the ministry you are building. Sunday School shoulders a tremendous ministry load for your church and is the Great Commission arm of the church. But all this work will go undone if we do not have proper leadership,. So Please mark your calendar's for Sunday August 13th from 1-3:30p.m. at Chatom Baptist Church, with a time of fellowship.

  It is time to be in prayer about The Myers-Mallory Week of Prayer, September 10-17. This is the second year for this offering which supports Alabama WMU, Disaster relief, Church Planting Alabama Partnerships Missions and Church Revitalization. This year’s State goal is $1,000,000 dollars. So be in prayer about what God would have you to give.

  The time of year has come upon to be thinking about the Shoe-Box ministry and the back-pack ministry that is available to us. Each one of these is a great opportunity for us to be involved, the Shoe-Boxes goes to those needed children overseas and the Back-Packs goes to those in need here in the Mississippi Delta and the Appalachians regions of our nation. I am not sure how many shoe-boxes were collected last year from our locale churches but we collected 140 Back-Packs from our churches last year. The State WMU collected and distributed 5699 Back-Packs to these areas. Our goal this year for the Washington Baptist Association is 175 Back-Packs and the State goal is 6500. So be in prayer about these two great opportunities and if you need more information about either one of these please contact me here at the office

   It is also that time of year where the churches and here at the office begin to prepare for the up coming new year. I know that our churches are praying about those who will be in those leadership roles and we here at the office are praying for those who will take some leadership roles in associational work. Both the churches and our association need those men and women who will help lead and strengthen the work that God has called us to do. So will you be the one to answer God’s call to help in the church or the association?








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