Gatlinburg, Tenn. Fire Relief

A special "Thank You" to all who gave and donated items at Washington Baptist Association on December 27th for the trip to Gatlinburg to help our brothers and sisters in their disaster. It was greatly appreciated. Some of the businesses that donated items or allowed our boxes placed in their stores were: B & B Design, Ramey's, Andrew's Hardware, Washington County Hospital, and Dollar General. We would like to thank those churches that donated items too. We would like to thank those that carried the items to Gatlinburg, Rev. Larry & Wilene Thompson, Robby & Suzanne Tate, and Shawn & Candis York. A special thanks to Cory & Carla Tate for making the signs to go on the trailors.


Please continue to pray for these people. Many are homeless and in shelters until other arrangements can be made. Thank you again for your generosity.